Why Us

Roofing is by far the most important feature of your home.  If your structure doesn’t provide you with shelter from the elements, it’s not doing its job.  In an area that traditionally receives 35-45 inches of rainfall per season, blown by gusty Pacific Ocean winds, you should feel confident in the roof over your investment.  The most common approach to finding a competent roofing contractor has been to ask friends or neighbors for a recommendation.  This provides a pretty good idea of who’s got a good reputation in your area.  There are now also consumer-reporting magazines and independent rating services, which perform all the research legwork for the consumer on a broader scale.  Check with each company to see who’s rated them and how they performed.

The local Better Business Bureau also keeps track of companies and their complaint information.  You can check current BBB complaint information by contacting the BBB where the firm is located.

Of course, all contractors performing work on your house must by law be licensed, bonded and insured.  By choosing a firm that is licensed, you are assured the California State License Board (CSLB) has record of your contractor and has ultimate authority over any consumer disputes through investigation and license action.  “Performance bonding” is an option, which provides more protection for the consumer, but it adds cost to the job and is not common on smaller residential contracts.  However, it adds assurance knowing that your contractor has sufficient financial assets to be considered “bondable” by its insurance carrier.  Liability and worker compensation insurance are required by contract law for contractors and “evidence of insurance” certificates should be available to all consumers upon request.


The firm you choose should have many years of experience performing the types of work you are contracting for.  They should have a central office and storage facility that should be available for you to visit to get a feel for financial solvency.  You should have confidence they will be around for many more years to service any issue that may arise with your roof.

Most roofer’s warranties will run for one or two years, but some quality conscious firms offer five or 10-year warranties.  Remember that a long warranty period won’t do you any good if the firm isn’t around to honor it.  The warranty is also only as good as the firm’s honor to stand behind their work.

Your roofing company should also be able to handle several other areas of work necessary during the job within their own firm by their own employees.  Performing other tasks such as carpentry, sheet metal work, painting and light plumbing or electrical “in-house” simplifies the job for the homeowner and eliminates the question of “who did that part of the work?” when the question comes up 10 years down the line.  A roofing company with well rounded talents will take better care of your home.

For over 90 years Marin County Roofing Co., Inc. has provided top quality service to residential, commercial and industrial clients in the Bay Area.  Rick Miller is the third-generation owner of the company that was founded by his grandfather back in 1921.  He’s been with the company since 1979 and lends over 32 years of experience to expanding and improving services year by year.

Whatever your roofing needs, Marin County Roofing has the experience to do the job right.  Services range from simple leak repair to complete roof replacement and custom flat roof resloping.  They have experience working with all kinds of roofing materials including shingle, fiberglass cap sheet and tar and gravel.  They also do roof-related sheet metal and carpentry, such as flashings and dry rot repair.  Mr. Miller and his crew install skylights as well as prepainted gutters and downspout systems.

The company is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association, Better Business Bureau and is now also Diamond Certified.  They have been selected by Pacific Sun Readers as The Best Roofer of Marin 5 times.