About Us

From the beginning, a family affair.

Marin County Roofing Co. has been family owned and operated since it was founded in 1921 by Herbert G. Christ.  Herb was a young roofing products salesman who had always dreamed of having his own business.  In 1921 Marin County was a small community with no firm to supply its growing roofing needs.  Herb saw the opportunity to realize his dream.  He opened Marin County’s first roofing firm, Marin County Roofing Co.

Over the years Marin County Roofing Co., Marin’s oldest roofing company, provided much of the roofing needs for homes, businesses and factories throughout the county. Our name has become synonymous with quality workmanship.

In the early 60’s, by the time Herbs” son-in-law, Dick Miller, took over the management of the firm, quite a few Marin buildings were receiving their second or third Marin County Roofing roof.  We take great satisfaction and pride in the loyalty our customers have shown us over all these years.

In 1979, Rick Miller joined his father in the company begun by his grandfather.  Marin Roofing has always been a family business and we treat our employees and our customers as part of the family.  Rick has expanded the company’s service to include carpentry, gutters and sheet metal work.

A tradition of quality workmanship.

Our continued success rests in our unyielding commitment to quality workmanship.  In our minds only the best roof will do.  We know the highest quality finished product results from our first determining the best possible roofing system for your individual needs.  Our people are experts in all aspects of roofing.  They understand and employ construction techniques that make sure the specifications of the job get done right.

Our commitment to quality is further reflected in our use of only top of the line materials and products.  Your roof is no place for experimenting with the unknown.

We perform several steps in our application process that many others omit or do not understand.  Some of these techniques require a great deal of time and care but we believe they are necessary to protect your building.  We will never yield to “short cut” pressure to save time and money when the quality of your roof is at stake.

We help increase the value of your most important investment.

Without a working roof providing shelter from the elements, a building fails its most basic purpose.  And given the value of Marin County real estate, it is important to protect and enhance this most valuable asset.  An investment in a proper roof system, compared to the total value of a property, is quite reasonable.  Selection of the right roof system, applied properly and in accordance with local building codes and provisions, can add real value to your property.

We understand the importance of professionalism.

We personally guide each customer through the entire roofing process as it relates to their situation.  You can rely on our experience to help you in the proper selection of roof type, color, and best form of application.  Once a job is under way, we take care of every detail.  Our superintendents are there throughout the entire process to make sure it all flows smoothly.

When the job is completed, we leave the area as clean as it was when we started.  After all these years, we know that neatness and cleanliness are of critical importance to our customers.

We’re just the right size to serve you.

Marin County Roofing was created to meet the needs of this county.  From the smallest roof in the belfry of an old Town Hall or Mission Church to some of the largest roofs in the county, Marin County Roofing’s roofs have outlasted the elements for decades.

With over 3 generations of experience, we’re here to stay.

The Miller family has learned a great deal about roofing over these last nine decades.  Quality, caring service to the customers is the key to a lasting and happy customer relationship.

We provided that service yesterday, we provide it today, and fully intend to provide it for generations to come. We hope you will consider becoming part of the Marin County Roofing family by giving us the opportunity to work with you.